League delegates @ LCM Intra-League Debates @ Stanford 2019

Middle School:  Year-round program

Welcome to the League of Creative Minds, Academy of Debate & Diplomacy.  The League middle school year-round program is meant for our youngest students entering the 6th to 8th grade.  The League middle school program draws students who are passionate about learning purely for the sake of learning.  This creates an upbeat dynamic classroom environment with a group of students who are motivated to begin a journey into foreign affairs and debate.  International issues on the agenda include topics in health, politics, science, economics, technology, peacekeeping, security and conflict resolution.  New League delegates are not expected to be experts in the field of foreign policy, but do hold an evident self-motivation to examine issues outside the borders of California, and the United States.  Interested applicants should request an application by sending an email to:  Admissions@Lcmmun.org

First Year LCM Application Requirements

  • Completed application.  The application will include:
  1. Personal Information
  2. Essay questions
  3. Application fee/deposit
  • Observation/tryout session.  This portion of the application includes coming into the classroom for an academic and social interview. 

Observation (tryout) dates for the upcoming 2023-24 League Year:

  • Julie will send interested applicants an email with an online private link to August and September 2023 Observation Dates.

An observation session will last for approximately two hours.  Delegates who are unable to attend an observation session on any of the above dates, should contact the League to inquire if other arrangements are possible.  If you have any other questions regarding admissions for 2023-24, please send an email to Admissions@Lcmmun.org

Middle School:  Year-round shadow dates in 2023-2024

Interested delegates for the upcoming 2023-24 academic school year may shadow on specific dates throughout the current academic school year.  All student shadow appointments require a completed shadow application in order to attend a League class.  Parents may request a shadow application by emailing Admissions@Lcmmun.org.  Shadows are not permitted during the League summer course sessions held at Stanford University.

Middle School:  Summer Camp 2023

Enrollment in a week-long summer course is highly beneficial for a potential year-round League applicant. The summer course allows a potential applicant to experience the classroom dynamics, and meet the League staff and teachers.  The materials covered in a summer course, which begin at an advanced level are not covered again in the year-round course. The summer course therefore acts as a solid foundational base of knowledge for new delegates to integrate seamlessly into the League.  

We follow a rolling admissions procedure, meaning we have no official deadline and will review and admit applicants as applications are received and spots open up.  Therefore, it is advantageous to have a completed year-long application on file before attending a summer course session.