Rights of Migrants Field Study, Office of the Mayor, Catania

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League delegates travel to U.S. Mexico: February & July 2019

League delegates travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories: August 2017

Summer 2017 field study to Israel and the Palestinian territories.  Delegates began the Middle East field study in Jerusalem.  From there the delegation traveled to Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Rawabi, and two distinct refugee camps within the West Bank in Ramallah in particular.  Delegates visited the Golan Heights and spent time in Umm al-fahm, Nazareth, Tiberius, Nazareth Illit, Tel Aviv, Jaffa as well as the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.  Delegates became correspondents and met with top journalists, experts in foreign policy, UN peacekeepers, members of the Knesset as well as the Palestinian Authority, NGO's and civil society groups.  However, much time was spent in interviews with Israelis, Palestinians, Syrian Druze, Israeli Druze, Tel Aviv and Jaffa residents, as well as ultra orthodox hasidic jews, and ultra orthodox settlers at large, Israeli soliders, Palestinian-Christians, youth from all backgrounds, as well as Israeli-Arabs.  The delegate-correspondents particularly found interesting the experience of reviewing and walking through checkpoint 300, as well as Qualandiya.  Thank you for sharing your personal life story with our delegates, it has changed the way we see the world.  LCM delegates will present their findings in late Spring 2018.

League Delegates travel to Sicily, Malta and Cyprus to study the Rights of Migrants

During the Summer 2015 League delegates traveled to Sicily, Malta and Cyprus to complete field work needed for an ongoing research study.  Delegates completed an advanced study on the Rights of Migrants, Human Migration, and the Movement of Peoples.  The portion of the field study in Cyprus focused exclusively on the historical conflict in Cyprus.  We thank the delegates who were able to participate in the Cyprus Talks, as well as our Fellows who aided this negotiation:  Ken Ben Chao, and Eric Chung! 

League Delegates speak at the University of San Francisco, School of Business and Professional Studies

Only July 8th, 2010, three League delegates Katia, Nishad and Elliot, were invited to speak to students in the USF Corporate Diplomacy, MBA program.  USF, MBA students are currently learning about negotiation, public speaking and diplomacy, similar to what the League delegates engage in in the weekly league course.  Katia presented a speech on Diplomacy, Nishad presented a speech on Leadership and Elliot presented a speech on the State of the World.  

Governors' Climate Change Summit

The League of Creative Minds directors and select delegates were invited to attend Arnold Schwarzenegger's Climate Change Summit, on September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd, 2009, as part of a youth leadership panel.  For three days, the League delegates were in the presence of  global climate change leaders, policymakers and over 200 international reporters.  The League delegates observed live debate, negotiation and the creation of new climate change policies, as well as attendance and participation in breakout sessions.  

In addition to the privilege of attending the Summit, the League directors formed a Climate Change Commission of delegates that composed a media piece that was broadcast at the Summit.  At the Summit, the League delegates met youth from all around the world.  

Upon returning from the Summit, the League delegates began actively participating in public speaking presentations that exemplified what they learned at the Summit and ideas the Summit inspired in these young middle school and high school minds.  The League delegates presented both to their peers and to  adults in the local community.  Additionally the League delegates were invited by the San Francisco Bay Conservation to give an hour long report to the entire SF BC DC staff.   Currently, Executive Director, Will Travis, is working with the League to facilitate youth representation in local Bay Area climate change projects and initiatives.



Singh Family Fundraiser:  Anu completes 100 Mile Run!!!

Anu Singh completed her 100 mile run with 47 minutes to spare!  Anu began her run in Hot Springs, South Dakota on Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 6 a.m. in the morning. She ran through the South Dakota hills with a total elevation  climb of  7500 feet and finished the race in 29 hours and 13 minutes.  Temperatures throughout the race ranged from 90 degrees to the low 50's. Join us in sponsoring Anu's Great Run and create a learning opportunity for a bright mind.  Anu ran this race to support and raise funds for the League of Creative Minds.  

"The greatest discoveries and works of art and literature have come from minds that dared to question, minds that changed a pattern to find an answer, minds that were unconstrained by restrictions of any sort.  Our children, the future of this world, are blessed to be living in times that allow them to explore as far as their mind takes them.  I have taken on this supreme challenge to raise money for LCMMUN, funds that will be used to undertake complex projects to bring about new ideas to shape the future of our world and humankind."

In Gratitude, 
Anu Singh

Delegate Dinner & Gala

The League of Creative Minds, hosted its First Delegate Dinner & Gala at the World Affairs Council on Saturday, June 6th, 2009.

A lively keynote address by the public defender of San Francisco, Jeff Adachi was fascinating for all the young delegates to witness.  We recognize the importance and value of such a role model to address a group of young middle school and high schools students.

Additionally, we heard outstanding speeches by the current league delegates from the high school delegation.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and immensely successful!