League delegates @ Harvard Model Congress, 2014

LCM International Field Study Program:  History

In August of 2011, the League began a field study pilot phase with the purpose of gathering results and examining findings in order to craft an interactive curriculum that would create the structural platform of a solid field study program. 

The LCM International Field Study Program was officially launched in August of 2013 in the Balkans, after running for two years purely as a pilot program in both Rome and Turkey.  

In April of 2015, the League traveled completed a field study in Cuba on the Economy, Media, Agricultural and Human Services of Cuba.  During late July and early August of 2015, the League completed a field study on the Rights of Migrants in Cyprus, Malta, and Sicily.  Most recently in November of 2015 an LCM delegation returned to Cuba this time with a focus on journalism, transportation, health, education, art, and history of Cuba.

We look forward to the upcoming field study in Colombia, South America, Summer 2019.