High School Intra-League Debate, 2012

May 2015 

Leadership and Gratitude.  
As we look back over this past academic year of 2014-15, fond memories of our first real integration with Model Congress and Model Government stand out.  Over fall break in 2013, League delegates attended our first Model Government venture at the Yale Model Government conference in Budapest, Hungary.  As one of two delegations from the United States at the Yale Congress delegates were honored to represent our home state of California. Surrounded by an overwhelming majority of European, Asian, and Middle Eastern delegates, League delegates had the opportunity to experience firsthand what it feels like to with the minority.  Now in 2015, LCM delegates are regular participants at the Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco (an outstanding educational experience), as well as attending select high quality Model UN conferences.  We hold deep gratitude to all those who worked on the internal debate conferences; with LCM hosting a total of four this year.   A extraordinarily fun project has been the day-long debates held exclusively for our middle school delegates, and led by our high school delegates; many whom have an interest in teaching, psychology or education policy.

Culture and Gender Studies
In the fall of 2014, the League hosted the 2nd annual STEM Women in Tech talks, where league delegates met young female leaders from around the world, and engaged in lengthy academic deliberation and discussion.  This past January, the League hosted Judge Mohammed About Zaid, president of the Saida Islamic Sunni Court, speaking on the judicial system in Lebanon as well as Islamic law.  Most recently in early April 2015, a League delegation traveled to Cuba as part of the International LCM field study program.  Delegates in Cuba met with economists, journalist, doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers, ambassadors, and diplomats.  The interactive discussions shared by Cubans shed glimmers of light on what life is like in Cuba.  As part of the Cuba field study each delegate was working on a particular area of research.  As such, the delegation held meetings at a local food dispensary, a maternity ward, an elementary school, and a middle school.  This upcoming summer of 2015, delegates will travel to Cyprus, Malta and Lampedusa.  Delegates will study the Conflict in Cyprus, and the Question of Migrants in Malta, and Lampedusa.  

LCM 2014-15 (Academic Year)
Regular year-round league classes continued as usual throughout the year.  The launching of the League Emissary, and League Monitor proved to be a wonderful space that allows all delegates to share ideas, and gather research as one League.  Given our long-lasting Iranian Negotiations delegates were well-versed for the variety of Parliament, Congress, and Senate style debates that would ensue.  From the Middle East Peace Process, to the Cyprus Negotiation Talks, the British House of Commons, or the Bioethics Council; the negotiation curriculum would be put to the test.  

A bittersweet moment were the debates at Georgetown, where LCM alum Andrew Lyu, a junior at the School of Foreign Service, held the top seat as Secretary General of NAIMUN 2015.  League alum Elliot Owen (now at MIT) came back to teach some of his dynamic improvisation classes in a few of the middle school delegations.  As usual, we kindly thank Martin Hellman for his continued dedication to international affairs overall, and for his generosity in sharing his wisdom in select LCM classes.   Likewise, our year-round TA's remain steadfast and dedicated, and add a distinct life and color to the weekly year-round classes.  It is the cumulative and collaborative effort of all delegates, parents, fellows, alums, and TA's, that continue to propel and craft the League into new and ever-evolving dimensions.

Human Potential
All humans today face unprecedented change in their future world. At LCM we believe that the changing landscape presents an opportunity to think about the creative human potential in a new and distinct way.  It follows that we have been watching and listening to the input of our current League delegates, as they have created innovative opportunities and new ways of thinking for themselves.  Delegates learn how to think through examining comparative systems of justice, diplomacy, humanities, geopolitics, philosophy, and respective context in history. Through this journey of social and intellectual growth taken by each delegate, an ethical, transformative, and socially nourishing environment continues to evolve.  The foundational platform from which new endeavors and ideas become a reality begin with a delegate's motivation to care, empathize, and obtain results that go on to act as catalysts of social transformation.  The path to reach our greatest human potential requires an environment where creativity, imagination, and a high work ethic coincide.  It is in this particular learning environment that League delegates navigate through to propel forward, and evolve as humans for common good.

And it is on this note that the League officially bids farewell to our graduating seniors.  The majority of our seniors have spent seven consecutive years in the League, and as such have been instrumental in the shape and direction of this young organization.  

Thank you to the League Community for caring as much as you do!  


The League Directors

Catarina Williams     &   Simon Olavarria 
Executive Director         Educational Director 

The delegates pictured in the videos on this website are internal LCM year-round delegates, the majority of which have 3 to 7 years of consecutive year-round experience in the League.  The featured delegates all began without any experience, and gained knowledge and experience throughout the years in LCM.

The League is currently accepting applications for the League year-round program 2016 - 2017. Please email directors@Lcmmun.org to request an application packet and to learn more about the program offerings.  The League is currently enrolling campers for Summer 2016.

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