LCM Delegates @ Vancouver

September 2016

Exploration and Momentum.
It is always great fun and surreal to reflect over the year that has flown by us; and imagine what lies ahead in the new year that is only beginning.  At times it is hard to believe that LCM held a field study in Cuba, first in April of 2015, and then in November 2015.  A total of 50 high school delegates from LCM have now studied Cuba, in Cuba.  The Cuban field study was a study of Cuba itself by going out in the field and conducting fieldwork in a variety of societal areas.  To that end, the LCM delegation met with journalists, economists, doctors, nurses, journalists, farmers,  and reporters.  On the second Cuba trip (Nov 2015), the delegates additionally met the US Embassy diplomatic personnel, including the interim ambassador from the United States to Cuba, Jeffrey DeLaurentis.  The interactive discussions shared by Cubans shed glimmers of light on what life is like in Cuba for the typical person.  As part of the Cuba field study each delegate was crafted together a particular area interest and conducted ongoing research.  The delegation was able to interview people at a local food dispensary, a maternity ward, an elementary school, and a middle school. 

In between the two Cuba field studies, in August of 2015, LCM traveled with 26 delegates on a field study examining the Rights of Migrants.  The delegation began with an in-depth exploration of the on the ground situation in Sicily beginning at the Port of Trapani, and concluding at the Port of Augusta.  From Sicily the delegation moved to Malta and concluded in Cyprus.  Delegates met with diplomatic personnel, UN agencies and workers, civil society groups, various NGOs, maritime officers, UN peacekeepers, and community groups.  The delegates also met and interviewed  numerous migrants at various refugee detention centers.  We were so fortunate to share an experience at an unaccompanied minors refugee home as well.

In August 2016, a new chapter on precise methods of documentation and interviewing methods was defined while working with the LCM high school delegates on a field study across Canada, understanding the First Nations peoples, their history, as well as understanding firsthand their current situation.  This insight would allow delegates to accurately propose future solutions. We began in the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver,  and then delegates flew over to Saskatoon in Southern Canada.  We then made our way up to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, the field study concluded in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories.  We stayed for about 4-5 days in every single location.  We thank the numerous regional chiefs, council members, Premiers, youth leaders, diplomatic personnel, lawyers, doctors, historians, mental health pioneers and government officials for engaging in serious and productive meetings and interviews with our LCM delegation.   It was an eye-opening and breathtaking experience to witness and share each individual story from all the exceptional First Nations people we encountered and befriended.  Thank you for sharing your personal life story with our delegates, it has changed the way we see the world.  LCM delegates will present their findings in late Spring 2017.

We hold deep gratitude to all those who worked on the internal debate conferences; LCM would not be able to host 4 conferences per year if it were not for the incredible momentum delegates put forth and take part in.   An extraordinarily fun project has been the day-long debates held exclusively for our middle school delegates, led by our high school delegates; many whom have an interest in teaching, psychology or education policy.

Human Potential
All humans today face unprecedented change in their future world. At LCM we believe that the changing landscape presents an opportunity to think about the creative human potential in a new and distinct way.  It follows that we have been watching and listening to the input of our current League delegates, as they have created innovative opportunities and new ways of thinking for themselves.  Delegates learn how to think through examining comparative systems of justice, diplomacy, humanities, geopolitics, philosophy, and respective context in history. Through this journey of social and intellectual growth taken by each delegate, an ethical, transformative, and socially nourishing environment continues to evolve.  The foundational platform from which new endeavors and ideas become a reality begin with a delegate's motivation to care, empathize, and obtain results that go on to act as catalysts of social transformation.  The path to reach our greatest human potential requires an environment where creativity, imagination, and a high work ethic coincide.  It is in this particular learning environment that League delegates navigate through to propel forward, and evolve as humans for common good.

Thank you to the League community for caring as much as you do.  


The League Directors

Catarina Williams     &   Simon Olavarria 
Executive Director         Educational Director 

The delegates pictured in the videos on this website are internal LCM year-round delegates, the majority of which have 3 to 7 years of consecutive year-round experience in the League.  The featured delegates all began without any experience, and gained knowledge and experience throughout the years in LCM.

The League is currently accepting applications for the League year-round program 2017-18. Please email to request an application packet and to learn more about the program offerings.  The League is currently enrolling campers for Summer 2017.

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