Comparative Law Field Study in Belgrade, Serbia

LCM Application Procedure

The LCM application for 2019-20 admissions became available on October 1, 2019.

The year-round League program takes place from mid-September through late April.  League delegates meet one time per week, after school, for two hours.  Each delegation (group of students) is divided by age, and ability.  Tryouts occur throughout the year on a rolling basis, however new delegates are only admitted in the fall of each school year.

As a league delegate (student of diplomacy), your son or daughter will form part of a united delegation with delegates of similar age, ability, and interest.  Delegates enrolled in the League hail from over 184 different schools in the Greater Bay Area, both private and public. Over the span of one academic school year delegates have the option to attend several debate conferences, field events, intra-league debates, and special UN events.  

New students interested in applying to the year-round League program for the upcoming 2019- 20 academic year, may request a tryout application by sending an email to:  The League provides financial aid to 20% of our summer camp students, and currently provides financial aid to 20% of year-round League delegates.
Students interested in foreign policy and world affairs that would like to learn more about the League are are encouraged to apply for an LCM summer camp session held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.